Tracy Ejuetami / Owner

My earliest memory is of standing on the back of a sofa watching my mother "put on her face". It's the very first thing that excited, fascinated and inspired me to enter into the world of make-up and beauty. I understood even at that early age what an incredibly powerful tool make-up really is. After school I would go to the salon my mother worked in as a hairdresser, and watch women look at themselves in the mirror. I learnt vanity was a positive thing as it inspired confidence. I could see it grow in them as the treatment came to an end.

You could say Im beauty institutionalized as all my life I have spent in salons. For me that has not been a bad thing as I have loved every minute and it all still excites me as much if not more to this day.

I don't like to say how many decades my career has been, so I won't but after leaving school I was desperate to follow my heart and become initially a make-up artist. I wanted to turn my passion into a full time career but in those days especially in the north of England I had no idea on how to go about it.

In a strange childlike logic I thew myself in at the deep end, and planted myself in one of the most beautiful places on earth Northern Italy. The glamour of the italian women (and men) just blew me away. I knew I wanted then to encourage all women to have this positive self awareness about them.

After a few years wondering I arrived in Brighton and studied beauty therapy which I did alongside theatrical and media make-up artistry. Over the years gaining valuable experience about all aspects of the industry I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with students so I began to develop courses while teacher training, this is also the time I started to teach NVQ qualifications in colleges.

In 1998 I decided I missed clients with all the teaching and opened up my own salon and work in it to this day. Balancing the teaching alongside my clients and salon environment I love.

I feel so privileged to love my work, everyday is different. Just never knowing whom Im going to meet.

Working as I do with many industry specialists keeps me up to date with emerging trends and innovations, so as to remain at the cutting edge of treatments. I understand the needs and emotions of clients and students, therefore offering them the best in both techniques and advice on the industry.