Just because you are an expectant mum or you have just given birth does not mean that you cannot be pampered. We can provide a wealth of safe, effective, indulgent maternity treatments especially designed to alleviate the main
Issues of discomfort in pregnancy such as increasing skin elasticity, nourishing parched skin, relieving itchy bellies, rejuvenating heavy legs, easing tired muscles and tension, assisting circulation and reducing water retention.


40 mins

A mineral rich foot soak and massage for lower legs and feet with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring effects of carrying an extra load - £30.00


A complete relaxing full body massage using our safe but effective pre-natal techniques to relax those specific lower back muscles - £35.00

60 mins


60 mins

A really relaxing massage combined with the fresh clean feeling of a gentle exfoliation treatment - £45.00