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Many of our clients are self conscious about their eyes as this generally is the first area to reveal the negative effects of ageing with sagging eyelids, puffy under eye bags, and dark circles. Our brightening eye treatments are designed to help to illuminate, firm and renew your tired eyes to bring a youthful glow to the entire complexion. Why not finish a facial treatment with an application of our semi permanent couture lashes, or a lash tint and perm, which will provide the perfect final flourish of flattering beauty to your face.


  • Don’t allow water near your new lashes for the first 2 hours after application.

  • Avoid oily make-up removers

  • Only use non waterproof mascara if any is required.

  • Don’t use eyelash curlers as they may break the extensions.

  • Most importantly – take care not to rub lashes vigorously when washing your face.


Your eyebrows frame the contours of your face and eyes - £10.00


Having an eyebrow tint and shape give the results of an instant brow lift - £10.00


Eyelash tinting will widen and open your eyes to give a youthful appearance that lasts 4-6 weeks. A patch test is required 24hrs prior to tinting. Please note, clients are advised that contact lenses must be removed - £25.00


Strong healthy lashes, lasting performance guaranteed. Gentle ingredients with lash health in mind.
Lifting is the antidote to false lashes.  Lashus brings you the newest technology in lash lifting delivering superior results and longer lasting hold. 
What’s more it comes with a free eyelash tint to enhance your eyes furthermore - £40.00


Feather light clusters of lashes bonded to a super fine thread and applied for an instant enhancement to your natural lashes - £20.00


The most popular way of creating longer, thicker and more dramatic lashes, lasting up to 6wks, remaining waterproof and comfortable to wear, these elite lash extensions will ensure you look beautiful from the moment you wake up.
These lashes are available in several styles with varying volume and length. They are pre-curled, resulting in a natural extension to the lashes that will last the full length of the real lash cycle. The technique isolates one lash at a time, working individually on every row of lashes, to ensure a natural and beautiful extension to your existing lashes.
They have excellent staying power and will last for the full life cycle of a natural lash. The average cycle is 60 days, which is the amount of time it takes for a natural lash to grow in, and fall out.
An instant transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, eliminating the need for mascara, taking years off the appearance of tired eyes. Suitable for both men and women, lashes are individually treated and increased in length and volume - £50.00

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