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Please don’t see facials as pampering. They are essential to everyone. Just like going to the dental hygienist.
You may be looking for total skin rejuvenation or alternative, you need a maintenance treatment that will enhance your everyday regime or import specialised results to suit your needs.
If you don’t want to leave the salon barefaced or you’re going out for a special night out. Why not choose our 10 years younger facial designed not to irritate the skin, where afterwards you can book a make-up, which will complement your newly glowing complexion.


Hydrate, balance and brighten your skin using a combination of high quality CBD products.
The facial commences with a 15 min deep back, neck and shoulder massage, your face, neck and décolletage is then double cleansed and exfoliated using steam to remove dead skin cells which in turn brightens up your complexion and leaves the skin receptive for further products. 
An extended facial massage is then performed using CBD oils which help sooth and boosts the skin leaving it looking healthy, glowing and radiant.
A high quality CBD face mask with activated charcoal is applied. This will clear pores and flush out environmental toxins, dirt and debris.
An application of a powerful CBD moisturiser is used in a final massage routine which is designed to combat inflammation, reduce redness and soften the skin - £50.00


An LED facial uses 4 clinically proven colour wavelengths of UV free LED lights that trigger your bodies natural cell processes to accelerate rejuvenate and repair the skin.  
It’s recommended for skin rejuvenation, sun damage, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sensitive and inflammatory conditions, wound healing and scaring as well as anyone looking to restore skins radiance.
A course of treatment offers corrective and long lasting results.  
Light therapy is also calming, so you’ll leave feeling relaxed.  
LED does not use UV light so there’s no risk of tanning whatsoever - £50.00


A blissful facial with aroma therapeutic essential oils, customised to suit your skin type. Gentle yet effective treatment £40.00


90 unforgettable minutes. This specialist treatment with its sophisticated, deep-acting procedures transforms your face with renewed youth. Fine lines and wrinkles are soothed; the epidermis is more toned, firmer and more elastic. The skin looks younger and healthier - £50.00


This facial profoundly rehydrates the skin. This unique experience uses precious extracts of finely ground malachite to encourage water circulation within the epidermis and restore the ideal skin/water balance. The skin becomes more supple, toned and regains bounce glow and radiance of youthful skin - £40.00


If your skin is dull or blotchy before a party or maybe a job interview, book yourself in for this treatment and see the immediate effects. Your face will look less tired and your skin will be glowing and clear - £40.00


Designed specifically for young skin, this facial is extremely gentle to leave skin fresh and petal soft - £40.00


Super hydrating, restorative and age defending, this ultra pampering 1 hr long holistic facial treatment is revitalising and utterly transformational.
It repairs damaged skin, perfect for smokers and sun damaged skin, this nourishing facial will help reduce and repair existing pigmentation complaints and fine lines.
Leaves the skin smooth and seductively scented - £40.00


Deep cleansing bamboo powders away dirt and impurities, to balance the skins ph level, designed for combination skin, detoxifying and refreshing your complexion, also rebalancing skin tone and cleansing and refining pores.
A perfect treatment for all age groups - £40.00


A collection of natural perfectly balanced ingredients in a light botanical base full of anti oxidants which pacifies and purifies bacteria from the skin. Pores are tightened, skin purified and the complexion is evened out. The face will look clear, fresh and glowing - £40.00


Developed to address the typical problems with men’s skin. The facial combines powerful ingredients to deliver visible results that help to combat dry exhausted aged skin, ideal for people who work and play outdoors. It involves effective exfoliation to physically renew your skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and impurities. This polishing and hydrating effects offers a smoother healthier glow. It protects you from the elements and deeply moisturises. Perfect for even the most sensitive male skin types leaving you with a wonderful masculine aroma - £40.00


Dare to defy time with this super lift facial, designed to control all the signs of ageing, loss of firmness, pronounced wrinkles, and sagging skin.
Rich and soothing this extreme comfort facial has been designed to treat weakened, dry and dehydrated skin. Relaxing, soothing, nourishing and balancing it restores comfort to skin helping it to regain its elasticity and softness. It also stimulates collagen production in all areas around the eyes, mouth and neck. This luxury and uplifting facial will leave you with a glowing, plumped youthful complexion. Ease wrinkles and lift the contour of your face and neck. After just one treatment you will look younger more glowing, and your skin is left looking firmer, and lines less noticeable - £40.00

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