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It’s the little details that count. Perfectly groomed brows provide a flattering frame for your eyes and can even have a lifting effect. Whether yours need thinning out or filling in, we will pluck wax and tint them to perfection.
Our wide range of hair removal services ensure unwanted excess hair need, not be a problem. Whether it’s full or half leg, underarm, back or face. Jagwa cater to your exact requirements.
Why would you go anywhere else when you can have all your essential grooming done under one roof, in one lunchtime.


For the best results, hair growth should be at least 2mm to enable full removal. If the hair is too long this may lead to breakage. You should not apply any body creams prior to waxing as this makes it difficult for the wax to adhere to the area and there should be no exposure to sun-beds, hot showers, baths or swimming pools for 24hrs prior or post wax. Spray tans or excessive perspiration should also be avoided. For your comfort, disposable underwear and refreshing wipes are available. Also our pre and post wax products are available to purchase


Strip wax is applied sparingly with a spatula and removed straight away using a fabric strip. It is very easy to control the application making it ideal for facial hair removal. Sometimes slight reddening may appear to the skin but this fades in a few hours.

  • Full leg – £20.00

  • Half leg – £10.00

  • Half leg bikini line – £28.00

  • Full leg and bikini line – £38.00

  • Full leg and Hollywood – £38.00

  • Bikini line Brazilian – £20.00

  • Bikini line Hollywood – £20.00

  • Underarms – £10.00

  • Lip or chin – £5.00

  • Eyebrows – £10.00

  • Back wax – £20.00

  • Chest wax – £20.00

  • Back and shoulders - £25.00

  • Mens Hollywood (Guyzillian) – £40.00

Intimate waxing: uncovered

Basic Bikini: This removes only the hair that is visible around the bikini line. It’s an ideal starting point for those new to intimate waxing services or for those who like to keep things on the natural side with a touch of definition.

High of Full Bikini: This hair removal type sees a little more hair taken from underneath the knicker line, at each side of the bikini area.

Brazilian: This popular option sees the hair taken off the top and sides of the bikini line and also under and around the back. A shape tailored to the clients desire usually a triangle or strip is left on top.

Hollywood: This look sees a completely hair free finish, where all the hair is removed from around the bikini area and buttocks.

Hair Removal: List
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