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Foot Massage



This is a new and exciting treatment.

A procedure performed by a qualified foot health specialist that combines medical and beauty together.

The content and emphasis of this treatment will be personally tailored to your individual requirements of the day, giving you a totally unique service to suit your unique needs.

Our medical pedicure is the combination of foot health, reflexology, massage, and a pedicure treatment which is designed for those who have problems with their feet requiring professional treatment but also want some relaxation and beautification.

The treatment begins with attending to the health of your feet by trimming the nails and removing hard skin and corns, or anything else that needs attention to make your feet more comfortable.

This is followed by the application of deeply moisturising socks which are placed on the feet, and covered with a heated bootie.

The socks contain emollients that have been specially formulated to give skin and nails all the nourishment and goodness that they need to stay healthy.  They contain vitamins, minerals, collagen and fungal fighting ingredients.

Extra cuticle and callus work is then performed. This is followed by a massage which helps the skin absorb those essential vitamins. This massage combines a short reflexology session tailored to your needs and mood, with special attention given to the particular reflexology points beneficial to your well- being.

To complete the experience, your toenails are buffed or if you prefer a varnish/or shellac of your choice will be applied.

What are the health benefits of a Medical Pedicure?

There are numerous benefits to this specialised service.

A medical pedicure leaves your feet looking clean, fresh, smooth and beautiful.

Whilst this is great, there are many other important benefits for your foot health:

  • They can prevent ingrown toenails.  Ingrown toenails can be very painful cause swelling, and even lead to an infection if left ignored.

  • Since a medical pedicure involves toenail shaping, this can be extra helpful if you have any cracked toenails, or a split toenails.

  • Due to the meticulous cleaning and moisturising involved, medical pedicures can help stave off unpleasant foot odour.

  • The first step, the examination process, gives the foot health practitioner the opportunity to detect any foot conditions you may not have been aware of. Similarly, they could provide information about the current of your feet, and if they think certain conditions may arise in the future. 

  • Similarly, the quality time spent with the foot health specialist will allow you to gain insight into your foot health. Your foot health practitioner may also notice something on your foot you may not have noticed.

  • There will be specialised focus on calluses, corns fungal nail infections and verrucas.  

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