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Toeflex is perfect for toenail reconstructions as is lighter, stronger and easier to use than any traditional gel product in use today. Toeflex is a poly-acryl gel, it is neither an acrylic nor a gel. It is a hybrid-system which combines the best of both worlds in a revolutionary all-in-one system. The Toeflex gel has the ability to bond to the surface, once cured will harden, add strength and resemble a real nail. If required nail polish or shellac can be applied.  

Topical antifungal preparations may continue to be used with Toeflex reconstructed nails will not damage the natural toenail as it regrows.


  • LIGHT – You won’t know they’re wearing it

  • STRONG – Strong and long lasting, even when applied thinly

  • FLEXIBLE – flexes like a natural nail, cuts easily

  • SAFE – No strong odours

  • CLEAN AIR – the filings particles are heavy, so no airborne dust

  • HYGIENIC – Delivered in a tube,

  • EASY – Fast application

  • FLAWLESS – So easy to work with, gives a flawless finish every time

  • Made in Germany – manufactured according to current EC Cosmetics Directives

What happens during toenail reconstruction?

  • At first the nail is cleaned

  • Thickness of nail will be reduced and any losoe nail fragments or skin will be removed.

  • A layer of connex will be applied to reduce moisture in the nail giving extra bond.

  • Layers of gel will be applied and moulded bespoke to your natural nail shape. Each layers is cured with UV light.

  • The nail is filed into shape.

Who is toenail reconstruction suitable for?

  • Nail tufts

  • Discoloured nails

  • Fungal nails

  • Traumatised nails

  • Thick nails

  • Damaged nail beds

  • Split nails

  • Those who have had nails surgery

  • Psoriasis 

  • Lifted nails

Toeflex Gel Nail Reconstruction: List
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